DIY Rustic Holiday Card Display + Writing Station

Our friend and resident DIY expert Kristin Mansky from Modish & Main is back with a fun, festive way to display your holiday cards. Nothing says, “Happy Holidays!” like a handwritten note to friends and family, near and far. But how do you exhibit all of the cards you receive? Follow Kristin’s DIY below for a look at how she created her rustic display.


It’s that time of year where shopping centers, plazas and parks are decorated for the season, but I love to make sure that I’m celebrating the holidays at home as well. From sparkling ornaments on the tree, garland down the banister and wreaths on the front door it’s all about delivering cheer. Once of my favorite holiday traditions are displaying the beautiful holiday cards that arrive by mail day in and day out. A simple DIY rustic holiday card display adds a fun decorative element and incorporating a writing station nearby brings tons of functionality so you’re timely on sending out holiday greetings too!

With family living half way across the country, it’s nice to not only receive a touching greeting card with well wishes, but to send one in return in as well. Don’t let the task be a burden. I suggest creating a fun, festive area that inspires you to spread holiday cheer! Here are a few tips on how you can bring the holiday’s home this year.


Find a Place to Display the Holiday Cards You Received

A lot of thought goes into holiday cards from taking adorable family photos, dressing up the dog, picking out the perfect card to putting on a stamp and dropping them off in the mail. Cherish the cards you receive because it means that person or family really loves you and thought of you this holiday season. Since I love incorporating wood touches in my decor, I simply repurposed a chicken coop frame bought at a flea market and turned it into a DIY rustic holiday card display right in our entryway. While I’m waiting for it to fill up, I’ve adorned it with festive ornaments.


Create a Greeting Card Writing Station

When it comes to sending out your own holiday greetings, it’s often a task that gets put to the side till the last minute. I encourage you to put the beautiful holiday cards you selected on display while you work on writing them. A little makeshift writing station complete with cards, envelopes, pens, stamps and stickers that’s all stored in an organized bear necessities pouch means you’re ready to write at a moments notice!


Here’s a few additional holiday greeting card tips:

  • DO write their name on the inside of the card.
  • DON’T forget to write a personal message.
  • DO include your return mailing address.
  • DON’T forget to acknowledge all types of holiday celebrations, so stick with Happy Holidays or Season Greetings when possible.
  • DO think about those near & far, including coworkers, neighbors, old friends & new.


Add Greenery and Personal Mementos

The holidays, and a rustic holiday at home at that, is not complete with touches of greenery into the decor. Add some greenery to your display area in the form of a small Christmas tree, a wreath, using garland or even in an ornament. It’s warm & inviting and compliments any space.


Channel Your Inner Child

Remember when you were a little kid and you looked at everything with utter amazement? Bring back those childhood memories any way you can. For me, I remember seeing my Grandma’s music boxes set out on display throughout the holidays. I would go over to every single one of them and start them up, stand back and smile while they all competed for my attention. To keep the tradition alive and to honor my beach loving personality, I got this fun Beach Wooden Music Box complete with surfboards, umbrellas, pineapples, sunnies and even a fish. This definitely brings a smile to my face!


I wish you a very Happy Holidays and hope it’s full of warmth, kindness and abundance of love.

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