Celebrating Valentine’s Day With a Girls’ Night In


Whoever said Valentine’s Day was only made for lovers is gravely mistaken. Whether it’s celebrating with loved ones, family members or your best gal pals, Valentine’s Day is a holiday worth celebrating friendships and love. Kristin Mansky from Modish & Main is here to tell us how we can celebrate Valentine’s Day with a pho-tastic girls night in.


When February rolls around you can almost instantly feel the looming pressure of Valentine’s Day. For most people it’s either a love or hate relationship with the holiday, depending on your relationship status.

But whether you’re single, married, committed, or “it’s complicated,” why not celebrate this with a girls’ night in? We’ve got you covered with Galentine’s Day party ideas designed to help take the pressure off. This Feb. 14, simply have fun surrounded by some of your closest girlfriends. Here are a few Galentine’s Day ideas to really make your girlfriends feel extra special this year.


Skip the overly priced fixed menus & order take-out from a local restaurant.

When you decide to go out for a Valentine’s Day dinner here’s what happens — (1) you’ll need to call ahead to make a reservation, (2) get dressed up, (3) wait to get seated with everyone else and (4) order dinner from a small but overpriced fixed menu. While this may sound enticing to some, instead opt to host your girlfriends for a night in and run up to your local pho restaurant to grab takeout and enjoy it from the comfort of your couch. No heels required.



Set the mood (but in a non-romantic way).

Even though it’s a bunch of women getting together, we still love flowers, wine and candles. While you may want to skip the Luther Vandross music, just create vignettes around the room with fresh flowers (not roses), a handful of candles, and plenty of wine! Depending on the amount of guests coming, plan on having at least one red, white, and rosé option.


Spoil your girlfriends.

Speaking of what women love … gifts! OK, OK, so it’s not coming in a small velvet box, but you can make your girlfriends feel especially loved this Valentine’s Day with just a small gift box or treat bag. Since we’re being a bit rebellious from the traditional Valentine’s Day, why not add in some wine glasses? Throw in an adorable trinket dish (they’re totally on-trend right now!) and a few macarons; end with an unforgettable card, and you’ve just made their night!

Here are a few of my favorite girls night in Valentine’s Day cards (here / here / here).



Queue up the rom-com!

That’s right, no men in control of the movie selection tonight! It’s time to pick one of those cheesy romantic comedies you’ve all been wanting to see or have seen a hundred times and still can’t get enough of. My favorites include “Notting Hill,” “Pretty Woman,” “When Harry Met Sally,” “You’ve Got Mail,” “The Proposal,” and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.”

Don’t skip the dessert!  

Last, but never least: the coveted dessert. Galentine’s Day doesn’t exist without chocolate and sugar! I picked up a selection of macarons (bonus, some places currently have heart-shaped options), dark-chocolate-covered strawberries and some additional dark-chocolate hearts for the purists. As I mentioned above, grab some additional macarons so your girlfriends can take them home in their treat bags to enjoy later.


No matter what your relationship status says on paper, there’s always a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and you can’t go wrong with your best gal pals!

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