“Bro-dal” Showers: Wedding Showers for Manly Men

Yeah, the word “bro-dal” makes us cringe a bit too. But it got your attention, didn’t it? So … do guys really throw wedding showers for other guys? Um, according to my research, it turns out they do … at least some of them.

At PAPYRUS, our mission is to get everyone celebrating life’s sweet moments. That includes those of the male persuasion. So, guys, let me convince you that a bro-dal shower (or you could just call it a guy gathering) isn’t as bad as it sounds.


Top Three Reasons You Should Throw a Guy’s-Only Shower

  1. It’s an excuse to get together outside of work.
  2. The groom-to-be will get gifts (and probably be super grateful to you for hosting).
  3. There will be grilled meat and drinks.


How Is a Guy’s Shower Different from a Bachelor Party?

Well, we don’t know your idea of a bachelor party, but a guy’s shower is tamer, more laid-back, and more like a bridal shower than a bachelorette party. And, while the best man traditionally plans the bachelor party, a shower is the perfect excuse for the other groomsmen to step up to the plate.


Okay, How Do I Get Started?

At PAPYRUS, we have a little experience in the party-planning arena, so we’ll get you started in these easier than easy steps.


  • Pick a theme. That theme could be “Stock the Toolbox,” “Stock the Bar,” or just “Come Enjoy An Afternoon Hanging Out.”
  • Choose a location. Host at your apartment, rent out the room of a restaurant, or a reserve a pavilion at a local park. You don’t have to drop a ton of money to throw a nice event.
  • Send out an invite. We prefer paper invites. You can find our custom bridal/bro-dal shower invites here. But if you’re pressed for time, an electronic invitation works too. Just make sure you include all the details your guests need to know, including registry info.
  • Get some food and drinks. A shower doesn’t have to be fancy. A charcuterie tray, some cheeses, and fruits works great. Evening shower? Order pizzas, or, better yet, convene at a restaurant beforehand, eat and open gifts. If you’re wanting a heavier spread, barbecue—ordered or grilled onsite—is always a winner. Have plenty of libations on hand too. It’ll make the shower run even more smoothly.
  • Pick out a gift. Even though you’re throwing the shindig, you’ll also want to bring an appropriately themed gift. A nice set of grilling tools, barware, or gift cards to the home improvement store are all great ideas.
  • Get him a card. Yeah, it’s OK to express wedding sentiments to your buddy. We’re kinda partial to this witty Between Drinks Wedding Card. The front message reads: “Your wedding ceremony will be the most beautiful twenty five minutes in between drinks we will have ever seen.” You can browse our other collections of bridal shower cards here.
  • Everyone’s here to fete your friend, get together and have a good time before he ties the knot.

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