Back to School with Bird & Quill!

School will soon be back in session, and with “soy” much to do to get ready, why not make the process a little more fun with sushi-inspired school supplies and other go-to organizational items?  Make the upcoming school year run smoothly with Bird & Quill by PAPYRUS. Forget those bland pencils and notepads. Go with something a bit more eclectic. Here are a few of the A+ must-haves from the new collection:

Back to School Necessities | Nectar | PAPYRUS

Zip Pouch

Store your school supplies in this So Matcha Stuff Zip Pouch. An adorable bunny soaks in a bowl of green tea on the front.

Back to School Necessities | Nectar | PAPYRUS

Writing Utensils

Master the art of writing with Japanese chopstick pencils. Packaged in five sets of two (like real chopsticks!), the gold and red designs make a fun addition to a pencil bag.

Practice your penmanship with the oh-so-adorable Sashimi Sushi Pens. The only downside: You might get hungry; the sushi looks good enough to eat.

Back to School Necessities | Nectar | PAPYRUS


Keep track of your to-dos and assignments with the Pho Real Pocket Notebooks. This set of two features a fox chillin’ in a bowl of pho (as one does), along with a patterned animal sushi notebook.

Prefer dim sum and bubble tea? Bunnies and bubble tea come together in these super-cute pastel-hued notebooks.


Get stuff done and then get them organized with the Super Important Stuff file folder set. Iridescent designs, bright colors, and sticker sheets will actually make filing fun!

Back to School Necessities | Nectar | PAPYRUS


Make those important notes stand out with the cutest-ever sushi puppies. The set of six Neon Puppy Highlighters make note-taking fun!

Push Pins & Paper Clips

You can have your favorite meal and keep it in your desk and on your bulletin board every day with sushi roll and fish push pins and paper clips.

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