Baby Shower Ideas & Inspiration with Blogger Annie Mescall

Babies are always cause for a celebration! Whether for a first-time mom, an adoptive mother, or that mom who is on her fourth child, baby showers are the perfect way to support those mamas-to-be at the beginning of their parenting journey.

With the miracle of new life also comes plenty of exhaustion for the new parents. In addition to doctor’s appointments, lack of sleep, morning sickness … and all those other little things no one tells you about before you become a mother or parent, life is pretty busy.

So why not take something off of her to-do list by throwing your favorite new mama a baby shower or sprinkle? Diapers, wipes, outfits, gift cards, or just a slice of cake—they’re all perfect ways to show you care. Here’s a little inspiration and baby shower ideas for girls and boys.

Planning a Baby Shower

You can go all in with an elaborate affair or keep it simple. Work with the mother to come up with a guest list (or not!), and send out invitations about six weeks ahead of time. 

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Once it gets closer to the baby shower theme day, purchase your party supplies and plan your food, drinks, and games. For a full timeline of party planning, check out our Baby Shower Inspiration page. Bonus: We even have a list of gift ideas for you.

Real-Life Shower

It’s one thing for us to tell you about a shower, and another to show you how it’s done. That’s why we reached out to one of our influencers, Annie Mescall, to talk about her shower for baby girl (and child No. 2. Son, Liam, is 3!). Annie sent out our fabulous custom Future Fashionista Baby Shower Invite.

Her Shower Scheme.

While Annie says there wasn’t a theme per se, “I wanted something with a lot of floral, greenery, and modern. There was a lot of pale pink flowers, eucalyptus, and gold. The setting was very springtime and boho. Our cake was a half-naked floral cake, and I really think it tied everything in.”

Baby Shower Ideas & Inspiration with Blogger Annie Mescall

Her Invites.

“I loved the idea of being able to customize invitations with PAPYRUS. In the past, I’ve either done evites or handwritten invites, and I feel that having a customized printed invitation was more personal, clean, and easy to do. I wanted an invitation that expressed my favorite passion: fashion. My friends growing up and even now always told me how cute my daughter is going to dress, and I’m so excited and overwhelmingly happy to have a girl mini-me.”

Those Extra-Special Touches.

“We wanted it to be a fun and enjoyable event for everyone,” Annie tells us. “We didn’t want our guests to sit around and wait.” The shower featured a juice bar, interactive games, a photo section, and plenty of food. “When I opened my baby gifts, we cut the cake before so everyone could enjoy the cake while watching me unwrap all the adorable baby girl clothes and accessories.”

Second-Time Shower.

While this isn’t Annie’s first go-round with baby showers, she says this one felt a little more personal. The environment felt more like a social gathering and I think people really enjoyed that. I think we tried to focus it on everyone versus just me.”

Gift Essentials.

“The gifts that I received that were memorable were the ones that I didn’t have on my registry. I received a custom swaddle and bow set that I thought were incredibly sweet and cute, a Jon Hart backpack that matched the one Liam has, and books with a sweet notes written inside for the baby,” Annie says.

Baby Shower Ideas & Inspiration with Blogger Annie Mescall

Her Must-Remember Tips for the Mama-to-Be.

“Find a timeless dress that shows off that beautiful baby bump, and just enjoy the shower,” she advises. “Everyone is going to want to know about your unborn baby and soak in every moment. These people are here for you and your baby, and what more could you ask for?”

Baby Shower Ideas & Inspiration with Blogger Annie Mescall

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