5 DIY “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” Card Ideas

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Asking your favorite girls to stand by your side on your big day is an opportunity for you to plan the perfect proposal. The roles have been reversed, and it’s your chance to pop the question. Tell your girlfriends you want them to be a part of your wedding day in a special way. With everything from DIY “Will you be my bridesmaid?” cards to elaborate surprises, the options are endless. There are many ways to pop the question, but make sure to choose something that reflects your personality as the bride. No matter how you choose to ask, the leading ladies in your life will be thrilled. Here are five “will you be my bridesmaid” card ideas:

DIY Bridesmaid Card - PAPYRUS 1

1. Make your own card
For crafty brides, creating a card yourself can be a lot of fun. Put a personal touch on a “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Card with unique accents, personalized messages, and photos. You can make your card as big, small, or elaborate as you’d like. Regardless of how it’s designed, your handmade card will be cherished forever.

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2. Frame it!
A beautifully framed card can go a long way. Choose a “Will you be my bridesmaid?” card that best reflects your taste and style. Then, display the card in a gorgeous picture frame that will present your proposal forever. Since you won’t be able to write inside the card, include a special message on the back of the frame.


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3. A Little Vino Can Go a Long Way
What better way to ask your girls to stand next to you than with a little wine? Not only will you have something to toast with to celebrate, but the unique delivery will also get you some brownie points. Personalize a label that asks the big question, and use adhesive to apply it to the wine bottle. You can also nestle it inside a wine gift bag!

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4. Putting the Pieces Together
Have your girlfriends put in a little work by asking the question with a puzzle. To do this, you’ll first need to create or purchase a card. Next, cut the card in puzzle pieces and watch your girls put the pieces together.

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5. Create a Personalized Box
Give each one of your bridesmaids a beautifully designed box with their name on it. Inside the box, they’ll find a note asking them to be a part of your bridal party. You can also fill the box with some wedding day essentials like bobby pins, bandages, mints, and more. Need some additional wedding inspiration? Click here for our full collection of wedding cards.

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