5 Cute Ways to Address Envelopes

When it comes to greeting cards, choosing the best card is only half the fun. Addressing the envelope is an exciting opportunity to get creative. Most people overlook this fun step by rushing through addressing envelopes, but there are many different formats and styles that can add extra flavor to the delivery of your PAPYRUS card. Don’t hurry this process by jotting down names and addresses with the nearest pen. We’ve come up with five fun format and style ideas. Here are some cute ways to address envelopes:

Hire a Calligrapher
If you want to take a fancy step towards beautiful envelopes, calligraphy is the way to go. This classic way of addressing envelopes is sure to get noticed in the pile of mail.

Use a Personalized Stamp
Stamping is a unique and gorgeous way to address your envelopes. Stray from handwritten envelopes, and go for something a little more distinctive. Personalize a rubber stamp for a practical and decorative solution to addressing. You’ll find yourself reaching for your stamp more often than you think.

Add an accent
Custom envelope accents and labels that can be used to seal or just to decorate are an excellent way to embellish any envelope. This is a nice touch that will certainly impress recipients.

An elegant way to dress up your packaging is by embossing the envelopes. This classic raised look gives chic texture and instantly adds sophistication to your envelopes. Embossing has a special way of taking every note, letter, or card from ordinary to extraordinary.

Play with Fonts
When it comes to typography, the options are endless. Have fun with unique fonts. You can address and adorn your envelopes at the same time with fonts that have a lot of flavor. Choose from fonts that include classic calligraphy to fun and quirky illustrations.

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