31 Days of Cheer: Make an Ornament with Leftover Holiday Gift Wrap

Our 31 Days of Cheer continues in which we craft a handmade gift for your parents or other family members.

What better way to DIY and recycle gift wrap scraps than creating a crafty ornament? Use the ornaments on your tree or create a garland with them. For fun and festive paper scraps, we love the Holographic String of Lights Holiday Roll Wrap. For glittering gold ornaments, use pieces of the holographic Gold Foil Snowflakes Holiday Roll Wrap.

We got this easier-than-easy idea from Dusty Rogers, blogger at All Things G & D. Even the littlest hands can assist with this project.

You’ll Need

  • Wrapping paper
  • Double-stick tape
  • Stapler
  • Ribbon or string


  1. Cut leftover wrapping paper scraps into strips of equal widths.
  2. Cut strips into three different lengths—you’ll need four long strips, four medium strips, and two short strips per ornament.
  3. Apply a small piece of double-stick tape at the top and bottom of the back of one long strip.
  4. Top the above with another long strip, lining it up as best as you can so the edges match.
  5. Trim off any excess where the paper doesn’t line up.
  6. Repeat for all strips until you have two long strips, two medium strips and one short strip.
  7. Stack your strips in this order from top to bottom: long, medium, short, medium, long. Make sure the ends of your strips line up evenly on one end.
  8. Staple the strips together.
  9. Cut a piece of string or ribbon.
  10. Match up the other ends of your strips so they’re flush, with the ends of your string or ribbon tucked in between a short and medium strip.
  11. Staple the other end of your strips together, securing their shape and string them.

Another easy ornament DIY? Recycle your holiday cards from years’ past, by carefully cutting out a graphic, punching a hole through it and stringing ribbon or string through. Try this with our Handmade Reindeer Christmas Card or our Christmas Sweater Christmas Card.

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