3 Unique Ways to Journal in 2019

Flash forward to New Year’s Eve, 2019: what have you accomplished and what didn’t work out the way you hoped? What really changed your life for the better?

Maybe your most-liked post on Instagram will be a huge milestone—which is awesome! But now, in the beginning of a new year, it’s important to think about how you might grow as a person and find some clarity of mind. A journal is private media. It’s yours and yours alone to explore who you are and who you want to be.

Unfortunately…  ‘who you are’ may be someone who sucks at keeping up with a journal!

That’s okay. Pressure’s off. Here’s three new journaling techniques to keep you interested and keep you coming back to write this year.

Take a guided tour through 2019.

Guided journals are NOT cheating (really!). They just take the work out of staring at a blank page and panicking over what to write. They prompt you to explore your thoughts and see things in a new light.

Part bragging list, part “shopping” list, this awesome Happiness Planner walks you through the things that make you happy and help you plan the things that will make you even happier in the future. Going after your ambitions is so much easier if you have them all written out in a super cute journal!

“I want some of that personal growth, though,” you think. Cool! Fortunately, you won’t have to come up with a bunch of new ways to be kind, because someone already has. The Kindness Every Day Journal is the perfect opportunity to spread some pure joy and kindness in the world while also journaling about how being a kinder person has changed your life.

And even though dudes are definitely the largest journaling fanbase (ha!), this one is just for the ladies. Well, the grown-ass ladies. Take The Grown-Ass Women’s Club and make the world your own. Find the humor in glowing up and becoming the kind of woman your mom would be jealous of in college. Journaling doesn’t always have to be angsty business!

These guided journals help you fill in the dots with their prompts and exercises, which beats the blank-page panic. But maybe you want the structure without the elementary school workbook aesthetic? No worries, we got you.

One Day. One Line.

A single day can feel like a year. But we all know each day’s events aren’t always worth mentioning— “Dear Diary, …I did my laundry?”

Find the essence of what that day meant to you with this journaling technique: One day. One line.

Planners are super great for this. They’re cute, organized, and it’s easy to keep track of where you are. If you’re worried about losing the “moment,” try a small or pocket-sized agenda like the  2019 Flower Power Daily Planner for portability. But if you’d rather write your daily thought in a more regal setting, the 2019 Azure Weekly Planner will provide the luxury your words truly deserve.

“One line a day” makes sure you don’t try filling the page with fluff and lose track of what’s really on your mind (although there’s no law against moving past that first period). This technique makes you focus, and once you’ve journaled one line a day for several weeks, you’ll start to see patterns showing where your head’s at. Perfect for some great self-reflection.

Planners are the best secret weapon of journaling. They give you structure without too much empty space to fill. Plus, when people see you carrying one, they’ll think you really have your life together!

Dear Jane,

We mean Jane Austen. Can’t you picture one of her characters sitting at a cute little desk, staring out the window at a green pasture as she wonders what to write in her letter to a dear friend? Well, with our third journaling technique, the friend is you. Also—Jane is you. You’re writing beautiful letters to yourself!

Sometimes, the idea of filling up an entire journal is enough to keep people from even starting, but writing a letter to yourself is not a long-term commitment.

Whenever the world seems unsteady, or really amazing, reflecting on your emotions can help a lot.

Pull out a writing sheet from the gorgeous Florentine Florals Writing Sheets set and pen an encouraging note to yourself, or brag about something you’re super proud of—going overboard with the praise is fair game when it’s for your eyes only.

Beautiful stationery like this Gold Deckled Ecru Writing Sheets or the whimsical Wildflowers Assorted Boxed Notes give your inner thoughts weight and respect and also inspire you to really think about what you’re saying to yourself. The best part? You only have to write one letter the entire year if that’s what works!

Journaling is for you.

There’s no grade handed out at the end of the year. When you set down your guided journal, planner, or letter for the last time in 2019, the reward is knowing you’ve dedicated a space in the world for just you.

In an age of constant sharing, cut out the noise for a bit and spend some time with your own secrets. Keep something to yourself. That way, you might discover new things that help you out there with everyone else!

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