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Greeting Cards

Celebrate everyday moments - greeting cards

At PAPYRUS, you’re sure to find the perfect card. With an extensive collection of greeting cards, including classic, modern pop-ups, lenticulars, and laser-cut designs, choosing your favorite might be a challenge. PAPYRUS knows how to celebrate every occasion, from weddings to birthdays, and everything in between.

Our handmade greeting cards always have the right words to say and look beautiful while expressing sweet sentiments. With a constantly growing inventory, PAPYRUS cards are consistently fresh and on-trend. We have a passion for helping you express yourself. Our comprehensive collection is harmoniously made up of the most unique greeting cards. We know just how to savor all of life’s memorable moments. No matter the occasion, PAPYRUS has you covered. More


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  1. "It's What You Bring To It" Floral Oval
    "It's What You Bring To It" Floral Oval details
  2. Statue of David w/ Diploma



    Statue of David w/ Diploma details
  3. Woman in Chair
    Woman in Chair details
  4. Mom Layered Circles
    Mom Layered Circles details
  5. Crepe Paper Flower
    Crepe Paper Flower details
  6. Folding Laundry
    Folding Laundry details
  7. "Mom" Daisy Lettering
    "Mom" Daisy Lettering details
  8. Mom & Baby Owl
    Mom & Baby Owl details
  9. Mary Cassatt Mother & Child
    Mary Cassatt Mother & Child details
  10. "Call Mom" Telephone
    "Call Mom" Telephone details
  11. Baking Icons
    Baking Icons details
  12. Whimsy Flower w/ Lettering
    Whimsy Flower w/ Lettering details
  13. Two Fabric Kites
    Two Fabric Kites details
  14. Mama & Baby Reading
    Mama & Baby Reading details
  15. Vibrant Gem & Foil Flowers
    Vibrant Gem & Foil Flowers details
  16. Multi-Tasking Minivan Mom
    Multi-Tasking Minivan Mom details
  17. Bright Bird w/ Pink Vellum Flowers
    Bright Bird w/ Pink Vellum Flowers details
  18. Butterfly Catcher
    Butterfly Catcher details
  19. Happy Mom Day in Foil & Glitter
    Happy Mom Day in Foil & Glitter details
  20. Bunny with Dress & Bouquet
    Bunny with Dress & Bouquet details

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