Gold Shimmer Reception Card

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Gold Shimmer Reception Card

Item 335459-fdr6587
Card measures 3.5" x 4.875"

Features & Options

8 Ink Colors
Ink Colors
26 Type Styles
Type Styles
  • Avalon (AVA)
  • Caslon Openface BT (CAS)
  • Zapf Chancery (CHA)
  • Civilite (CIV)
  • Copperplate Gothic (CPG)
  • Flemish Script (CSP)
  • Engravers Roman (ENG)
  • Fine Hand LET (FNH)
  • Grimshaw (GRM)
  • Houston Pen (HOU)
  • Sackers Light Roman (LCR)
  • Lucia (LUP)
  • Phyllis (PHT)
  • Petra Script (PRA)
  • Poor Richard (PRL)
  • Rook Script (RKS)
  • Solid Antique Roman (SAR)
  • Shelley Andante Script (SHA)
  • Citadel Script (SIT)
  • Sloop Script One (SLP)
  • Sloop Script Two (SST)
  • Bickham Script (TCS)
  • Tekton (TEK)
  • Bickham Swash (TSS)
  • Shelley Volante Script (VOL)
  • Zapfino (ZPF)
Paper Weight(s): medium, shimmer stock
Manufacturer: Carlson Craft ›
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The estimated production time for this item is 6 business days.

Special Notes

This card features an embossed border and a top-fold where customization appears on the front panel only. When customizing, please note that only one ink color may be selected for your personalization. Printing in two or more ink colors is available for an additional charge. Please inquire with customer service for details. Envelopes are not available for this item.

Product Details

  • Brand: Carlson Craft
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